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FIND US: Monash University Clayton – Practice Pitch 2 & Pitch 3 | 42 Scenic Blvd, Clayton, VIC

Target Market

Football Focus will run on Saturday mornings, and align with 4 school terms together with a Summer program. The program is designed for children aged 3-12 years old. We structure our age groups as follows

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In terms of our geographical Target Market, the City of Monash is wh ere we intend to focus. Eventually, and through natural organic growth, we anticipate the involvement of players from outside of the Monash Council area.

Why Monash?

Firstly, Adam and Stefan are local to Monash, having grown up in Wheelers Hill, attending St Justin’s Primary School and Mazenod College in Mulgrave. Secondly, the Monash City Council has ambitious plans to grow and guide the future of football in the local council area.

Their key strategic objectives are as follows:
1. Identify short, medium and long term investment priorities for football pitches in Monash.
2. Ensure that football is a sport that is available and accessible for the whole Monash community to enjoy.
3. Adequately service different levels and standards of football in Monash.
4. Ensure that Monash football clubs support active participation and community health and wellbeing.

  • Football Focus is confident we can play an active and prominent role in supporting these Council objectives.
  • As detailed above in our core values, we will demonstrate a high commitment to drive community participation, in a fun and inclusive environment.
  • Females make up just 16% of senior football participation in Monash, while only 41% of Monash residents that play football do so with a Monash -based club.
  • Additionally, junior participation in Monash (14%) is lower than the national averages. Football Focus commits to ensuring an inclusive program, which will support representation of females and people from culturally diverse backgrounds.
  • We will also offer free program support for under privileged children / families, who we will attempt to identify through the local school community.