PHONE: 0404 669 189
FIND US: Monash University Clayton – Practice Pitch 2 & Pitch 3 | 42 Scenic Blvd, Clayton, VIC


Our Program

We believe that sport has the power to change lives. Football Focus Melbourne is designed specifically for children (boys & girls) aged 3-12 years old. Held on Saturday mornings and aligning with the 4 school terms throughout the year, our dates are as follows:

Term 1 2024: 27th Jan – 23rd Mar (9 Weeks)

Term 2 2024: 20th Apr – 22nd June (10 Weeks)

Term 3 2024: 13th Jul – 14th Sep (10 Weeks)

Term 4 2024: 5th Oct – 7th Dec (10 Weeks)

We structure our age groups as follows:

  • Group A – Mini Messi’s (3-4 year old – may be parent assisted)
  • Group B – Neymar Juniors (5-6 year old)
  • Group C – Rising Ronaldo’s (7-8 year old)
  • Group D – Mighty Maradona’s (9-10 year old)
  • Group E – Hungry Haaland’s (11-12 year old)

Each age group will follow an age specific curriculum, designed in collaboration with professional football clubs, which provide a building block upon which children can develop and improve their game as they progress.

Mission Statement

To be the number one Grassroots football development program in the City of Monash, with a reputation built on quality coaching, providing value for money in a community-based environment.


Providing a top-quality football program for local youngsters via a balance of proven traditional and current coaching practices, principles and disciplines.


Deliver a cost effective and affordable Grassroots football program for families, which prioritises delivering the best coaching curriculum possible above


Fun and inclusive, we know that the social interaction involved in our program is just as important as any one ball skill. Children will learn how to interact and communicate in a social, stress-free environment, learning how to share, take turns, listen to instructions and work as a team.

Our Philosophy

Our program focuses on the core principles of football, being the Skill Acquisition Phase, with an emphasis on having fun but also on developing a player’s technical ability.

To best achieve this, a player’s technical development is broken down into 4 core game skills:

  1. First Touch – controlling and receiving a pass.
  2. Striking the Ball – passing and finishing.
  3. Running with the Ball – changing direction and running at speed.
  4. 1v1 – deception and defending.

The Football Focus program will offer opportunities for players to repeatedly carry out one of the above skills in a session, supporting players to use a certain skill in a variety of situations.

The emphasis of the program being how critical to a player’s learning that repetition of particular skill in varying situations will allow them to perform more effectively during a match