Group E – Hungry Haaland’s (11-12 yo’s)

Group E – Hungry Haaland’s (11-12 yo’s)

This exciting program helps your child make the transition from Grassroots football to the more demanding Miniroos club football.

The kids are taught more comprehensive ball skills to improve technical development and get to play more challenging games to support their real match understanding.

The objective with the Hungry Haaland program is to teach children about team play, spatial awareness, decision making under pressure and positioning on the pitch, while still keeping the fun and enjoyment in the game.

Ball Size 4 | Field Size 15 x 20 | Goal Size Medium (6ft x 4ft) | Duration 60 minutes

At a glance…

Suitable for: 11 to 12 years old

Class duration: 60 mins

Program Video

All skill levels are welcome!

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